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Residential services

  • Voice & Data Cabling - We understand the critical nature of your data and communication network needs due to the increased demand by homeowners for Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 installations. 

  • Ceiling Fans & Attic - We install and service electrical connections on gable mounted attic and whole house exhaust fans. We also hard-wire fans placed on attic floors.

  • New Construction - Need electric service or installation for your new construction?  Contractors and homeowners can feel safe trusting their investments to our professionals.  Whether we're servicing an older home or a brand new construction project, we have a reputation for our superior and on-time service. We put family safety first that’s why residential homeowners have trusted our electricians for years.

  • Panels & Wiring - WARNING! You may be at risk for FIRES, power OUTAGES, overloading and doubling up.  If your home has outdated panels and wiring systems, your modern appliances may be too much for them to handle, putting your electrical system at risk. If you still have old panels and wiring systems in your home, it’s time for an electric panel upgrade!

  • Landscape & Outdoor Lighting - A well-designed outdoor lighting system can greatly improve the beauty of your home and lawn. Keep potential intruders out, and make your home safe and secure with the proper landscape lighting design. Outdoor lighting offers both functional and aesthetic value that makes it a good investment for your home. Well-lit outdoors, illuminated paths and driveways can prevent after dusk accidents and other potential dangers.

  • Basement Development - Does entering your basement make you feel like you are in a cavern? Wondering why you just never can find a use for that old dingy basement? Basement ceilings are low and the lack of natural or proper light makes it gloomy and less airy.

  • Home Entertainment System - Is a home theater on your mind? Are you about to purchase a new home theater system for your home? A good home theater system without the right installation can lead to a less than desired experience.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting - A kitchen remodeling project may involve installation of new kitchen appliances, and recessed or task lighting according to your requirements and liking.

  • Troubleshooting - If you take a quick look around you will see how your life literally depends on electricity.  Although electricity makes life so much more convenient, it can pose dangers of fires and even death if the wiring is not done properly.

  • Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas - Are you looking for a relaxing spa experience without leaving the comfort of your home?  Want to soak in a hot tub without dealing with the hassle of scheduling appointments and paying ongoing fees?

  • Emergency & Backup Systems - Power losses are inconvenient and can cost you time, energy and money.  A temporary or extended power outage will bring any active family's lifestyle to a screeching halt.

  • Inspections - Ensure the safety of your home and business establishment from all types of electrical hazards with our electrical inspection service.

  • Surge Protection - Modern technology is changing rapidly, make sure your home or business establishment is not left behind.

  • Knob & Tube Removal - Is your home or workplace still using knob and tube wiring?  If so, you need to replace it now!

  • Recessed Lighting - Want to add some sparkle to your new home construction or renovate your old home?? Lighting is an effective way to take your home's beauty to a whole new level.

  • Smoke Alarm Detectors - Have you ever left your cooking grill on? Does a family member or co-worker smoke? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you definitely need a smoke alarm or detector in your home or workplace.

  • Motion Lighting - Motion sensor lights automatically flood an area with light when detecting motion such as approaching people or vehicles. Motion sensors can be programmed for multiple on/off cycles per day, providing you with the convenience of automatic lighting control and giving your home or business a lived in look while you’re away.

  • Track Lighting - You've spent months furnishing your home with the appropriate colored cabinets, carefully laid out rugs, elegantly placed furniture, and tastefully selected paintings. 

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